Indiana University Fraternity Brother Charged With Two Counts of Felony Rape  


A former Delta Tau Delta brother at Indiana University has been charged with two counts of felony rape. WBIW reports that John Phillip Enochs, 21, turned himself to the police on Friday morning and is charged with assaulting two different women.

The first charge stems from an April assault at Enochs’ fraternity house. According to police reports, the victim told the police that she had left her group of friends to find a restroom inside of the fraternity house. Once she reached the restroom, she blacked out. When she woke, she found herself being assaulted by a “man she didn’t know.” After the assault, she left the party with her friends and later went to the hospital for an examination.

According to WBIW:

Police have reviewed video surveillance from the fraternity and it shows Enochs leading the woman down the first floor hallway, trying a door handle on one door, then entering a room on the opposite side of the hall with the woman.
The woman…picked Enochs from a photo lineup, saying ‘he resembled the male who raped her,’ the report reads.

Enochs’ DNA was matched to DNA samples taken from the victim.

The second felony rape charge stems from an October 2013 assault. That victim, who came forward after news of the April assault broke, gave the police an account similar to the April victim’s. The October victim said that she and a group of friends had been drinking at the Delta Tau Delta house and left to return to Delta Zeta sorority house. She and Enochs continued drinking in her room.

The Indiana Daily Student reports:

The victim doesn’t remember anything between 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., according to the probable cause affidavit; however, friends in the sorority’s courtyard witnessed Enochs and the victim having sex through a window.
One friend made eye contact with Enochs, who then immediately closed the blinds of the window, according to her statement in the affidavit. The friend then went to the room to find the door locked. Thinking she may have misinterpreted what she saw, the friend returned outside.

When the October victim regained consciousness, she was wearing a different set of clothes than she been earlier in the evening. She reported the incident to police on October 21, 2013, but chose not to pursue charges. She decided to come forward, however, after hearing about the April case because, according to the affidavit, she had a “really weird feeling,” that Enochs was involved.

Enochs is no longer a student at Indiana University (it’s unclear why), but he was a student in the business school at the time of the assaults. The national Delta Tau Delta fraternity has not yet issued a statement.

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