Infamous 'Rapebait' Frat Disbanded for Being Entirely Too Rapey


Georgia Tech has disbanded its Phi Kappa Tau fraternity after an investigation showed — shockingly! — that the fraternity best known for circulating an email from its leadership calling women “rapebait” was, in fact, incredibly rapey.

ΦKT projectile-vomited its way onto the national stage last fall when social chair Matthew Peterson sent out an email with the charming subject line “Luring your rapebait” that provided younger frat members instructions on how to bang chicks at a party. If a woman tucks her hair behind here ear, for example, that means she wants a dick sandwich. Or a dick salad. Or a dick something. Either way, she wants dicks.

After the email blew up the internet, Peterson offered a sincere-sounding mea culpa, saying that “rapebait” was a nickname his frat bros had given him and that joking about sexual assault is very, very wrong indeed. Georgia Tech put ΦKT on probation. Lesson learned, right?

Not really. According to GT’s Technique, Peterson and his ilk carried right on acting like toddlers pumped full of testosterone after the incident last October, and after an investigation, the school’s administration concluded that Phi Kappa Tau engaged in a “pattern of sexual violence that…suggests a deep-rooted culture within the fraternity that is obscene, indecent and endangers women” in addition to providing alcohol to underaged members, like, constantly (in their defense, isn’t that kind of what every frat does w/r/t alcohol?) Included in the school’s investigation were actual minutes from fraternity meetings and emails circulated around the frat, which included beaucoup imbibing and joking references to drug and alcohol abuse and rape.

But there was also plenty of anti-woman stuff in Phi Kappa Tau’s culture. Here, for example, are the lyrics to a song that pledges were made to sing both during pledge week and at the frat’s Christmas party (which was the most depressing party in the world, probably). Georgia Tech got hold of these because the boy geniuses at Phi Kappa Tau sent all of this over email, thus leaving an easy to follow digital trail for school officials.

Leader: Who can take a bicycle,
Group: Who can take a bicycle,
Leader: Tear off the seat.
Group: Tear off the seat.
Leader: Impale a virgin on it, and push her down a bumpy street.
Leader: The S & M man.
Group: Oh the S & M man.
Leader: Oh the S & M man.
Group: Oh the S & M man.
Chorus: The S &M man,
‘Cause he mixes it with love,
And makes the hurt feel good
Makes the hurt feel good.
Who can take two ice picks
Stick ’em in her ears
Ride her like a Harley while he pokes her in the rear
Who can take two jumper cables
Hook ’em to her tits
Turn on the juice and electrocute the bitch
Who can go to an abortion clinic
Sneak around the back
Rummage through the dumpster and find a tasty snack
Who can take a blender
Stick it in her cunt
Turn the sucker on and purrate her little twat
Who can take some acid
Pour it on her twat
Then watch the cunt muffin rot
Who can take a bottle
Shove it up her ass
Hit her with a bat and shatter all the glass
Who can take a tight slut
Fuck her ’till she cries
Then pull it out real fast and skeet into her eyes
Who can take a chainsaw
Saw the bitch in two
Take the top half and give the bottom half to you
Who can take a razor blade
give her a nasty cut
and then use the blood to lube up her butt

That read like Odd Future lyrics written by someone who has never had sex (also, I’ve known people who are into the S&M scene and this is…. not what they do. But, that’s probably nitpicky in the face of everything else). Here’s another song, again, the lyrics of which were sent via email, that Phi Kappa Tau members were fond of singing.

Fraternities teach valuable life lessons about brotherhood.

Georgia Tech deemed the drinking and otherwise overall rapey fuckery serious enough to warrant disbanding the frat, which means the drinking rapebait seeking S&M Man singers will have to be off campus and out of their house by May 6th.

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