Irina Shayk Has Moved the Fuck On

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Irina Shayk Has Moved the Fuck On

It’s been almost six months since Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk split, a breakup allegedly predicated on conflicting business interests and his rumored affair with Stefani Joanne Ally Maine Angelina Germonatta. Although Shayk has never gone on to officially name Lady Gaga as the reason she packed her various Away suitcases and fled to Iceland, sources claimed—at the time—that “Bradley was emotionally absent during the long time filming A Star Is Born,” and their differences ultimately became irreconcilable.

Amidst the breakup, many were worried for Irina Shayk. In photos, the global socialite looked haunted, especially during her trip to Iceland. Here she posed with a rapidly melting glacier, casual knits contrasted by brutalist landscapes and messy, undone hair. She was clearly sending a message: “I am fucking heartbroken.” Or, she was tired from the long flight, and generally listening to Bradley Cooper ramble about how sad he was after losing big at the Oscars.

Thankfully, time heals all wounds. It also melts glaciers, and the ice that had settled over Shayk’s heart since the split. Just Jared reports that the model was seen smiling with a “mystery man” in New York City Wednesday. According to the outlet, they strolled around the city and were later spotted at the Mercer Hotel during a night out on the town. Good for her! As a single mother, who’s also an international fashion supermodel, I doubt she rarely has time to herself. Even if they’re just friends, grabbing drinks with a tall, hot mystery man definitely beats suffering through Wimbledon, or sitting next to your husband and the woman he’s allegedly leaving you for at various awards shows!

As for Cooper, who cares! Last I checked in on him, he was helping a “shipwrecked” Katy Perry on Barry Diller’s mega-yacht at Google Camp. He was also seen looking rather dejected last month in NYC. Sad, Bradley! [Just Jared]

Did you know that in 2015, Kacey Musgraves high-fived Prince Harry at the Royal Variety Hour? Apparently, this breaks serious royal protocol, considering the queen has basically ordered her family to live in metaphorical glass boxes since she took the reins almost 50 years ago. Obviously, Prince Harry has often tread the line with his grandmother, and most onlookers couldn’t care less that a rising country start initiated a completely normal human social ritual with an equally normal and completely ordinary man.

However, Kacey Musgraves recently told Access Hollywood that she was seriously scolded for the brief interaction by a label executive, who told her: ‘No, no, no. I can’t believe you gave him a high-five. That’s just unbelievable.” She brushed it off, telling the label exec, “He went in for it, so whatever.” Later, she found out she was the first person to ever high five a member of the royal family publicly.

Can you imagine never giving high-fives because your grandmother and a large precent of the global population see you as a god-king, or generally rich and powerful elite who deserves utter deference and respect from lesser mortals? I’d be exhausted! I think it also illuminates Kacey Musgraves’s personality quite a bit, that she’d automatically go in to high-five the prince, rather than curtsy or lick his boots. [Us Weekly]

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