Is Rachel McAdams Trying To Out-Notebook Herself In The Vow?


Even if you hate the movie, it’s widely agreed upon that The Notebook is the quintessential chick flick of our time — but perhaps Rachel McAdams didn’t get the memo. That could explain why she signed onto The Vow, a movie that looks so sappily romantic we were shocked to find out that Nicholas Sparks isn’t tied to this film in any way (at least that we know of.)

Here’s the gist: Page and Leo (played by Channing Tatum) are happily in love until — of course — a terrible car crash occurs and erased Page’s memory of her loving husband! Leo must attempt to win back the love of his wife for rest of the film, we presume (because they took a VOW, get it?!) and yada yada yada….happily/tragically ever after. See? Now you don’t even have to go see it.

[Via /Film, IMDb]

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