Italian Drivers Warned To Watch Out For Hookers • Brits Lie About Weight, Phone Reception


• Motorists in Italy are confused over a sign that reads “Attenzione Prostitute” and features an image of a big-breasted woman in high heels. There have been complaints that the sign’s meaning is ambiguous.

And it isn’t really clear whether it is warning you to watch out for prostitutes crossing the street, or giving a heads-up that they are working in the area. • While the rate of child mistreatment has dropped significantly in the past few years, the number of fatalities reported from child abuse has risen. A report from the Department of Health and Human Services indicated that the estimated rate of child abuse had gone down from 903,000 in 2006 to 772,000 in 2008. Child welfare experts optimistically suggest this may be due to an increased awareness and intolerance of child abuse. • Want to own a piece of advertising history? The Energizer Bunny is up for auction in Houston, and is expected to catch $20,000. • For all of you Lost fans that claimed Sun’s aphasia was ridiculous, here is a true life story to convince you: A British woman lost her ability to speak after being in a near-fatal car crash. While she has since regained the power of speech, she is only able to talk with a Romanian accent. Doctors say the accent will go away with time. • A Republican doctor in Florida has put up a sign warning Democrats to “seek urological care elsewhere.” It continues: “Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years.” He also provides pamphlets in the waiting room that outline the “major provisions” of Obama’s healthcare plan. An ethics professor from the University of Florida says Dr. Jack Cassell is “pushing the limits” of what is acceptable. • Rest in peace, Martin Elliott, creator of the iconic “schoolboy’s fantasy” poster. The image, of his then-girlfriend hiking up her skirt on a tennis court, has become (according to Elliott) the “most published photograph in the world.” If you’re feeling grossed out, breath a little easier: the subject maintains that she will never be embarrassed by the picture. • A family with two autistic little boys decided to try an alternative method of treatment, so they reached out to a local dog trainer. Together they trained Caleb, the family puppy, to respond to the boys, following the then 3-year-old Eric when he bolted, and comforting James when he feels upset. “He’s not only their companion and steward, he’s also a friend, I cant even use the word pet… He’s like a family member,” said their father. • Why are there so few women in engineering, science, and math? Maybe it has something to do with their male colleagues. The discussion continues at both Time and Freakanomics. • Three years ago, Pakistani homemaker Mussarat Ahmedzeb began an embroidery program that continues today in Swat Valley that continues today. Using her personal savings, Ahmedzeb bought the supplies necessary to set up handicraft centers, which provide a safe space for destitute women. “I had to create something … a place where we can talk, we can chat so we can forget our worries. So we started with embroideries. Rather than hear who has been slaughtered and who had been killed, [they could] get away from the trauma,” she explained. Their work is now sold in Lahore and Islamabad, which earns the 500-some workers $50-$150 a month. • NASA plans to launch astronauts Stephanie Wilson, Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger and Naoko Yamazaki into space on Monday. Along with Tracy Caldwell Dyson, who blasted off today, they will set the record for the most women in space at one time. • A mother from New Jersey recently gave birth to two babies, an entire week apart. After going into labor and delivering her daughter, the “whole thing kind of stopped.” Doctors decided to allow the baby boy to stay inside her womb until he was ready to come out. Both children are healthy, and their mom is pleased that they have “their own special days.” • A recent survey found that the average Brit tells about four lies every day. The most common lie has to do with lack of phone signal, but many also admit to lying about their weight. And because we will never escape this “does my butt look fat?” stereotype, they also asked men whether they have lied to a significant other about how they looked in an outfit. 25% of respondents said yes. • Have you been dying to figure out how to categorize Obama, racially? Thanks to the census, we finally know! Obama “ticked the box that says ‘Black, African Am., or Negro'” on Monday afternoon. •

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