It's Time To Bet On Bey-Z Baby Names


An Irish bookmaker has helpfully drawn up a list of possible names for Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s baby, complete with odds. Let the gambling begin!

According to a press release from always-on-this-stuff bookmaker Paddy Power, Shawn (or Shawna) — after Jay-Z’s birth name — is the most likely pick, with odds of 4/1. Next is Matthew, for Beyoncé’s dad — though his recent legal wrangling with Beyoncé’s camp might make this less likely. Family names Corey (Jay-Z’s middle name), Tina (Bey’s mom), and Colleek (Jay-Z’s deceased nephew) round out the top five.

The list includes some stranger entries, though. Odds are apparently 40/1 that the couple will name their baby Four, which is Beyoncé’s “favorite number” and the name of her latest album. And down at 100/1 is the name Seven, whose significance is unclear — maybe it’s just lucky. These possibilities aside, most of the names on the list would be pretty good choices. I especially like Etta, at 33/1, presumably for Etta James, whom Beyoncé portrayed in Cadillac Records. Let’s just hope the parents-to-be don’t pick any of the last three names on the list — Dre-Z, Lay-Z, or GaGa.

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