James Deen Discusses His Role in the Upcoming Game of Thrones Porn


If you’re like porn producer WoodRocket.com, you looked at the infamously unnecessary sexual HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones and thought, “Hm, I think this could use a bit more intercourse, actually.”

The porn parody is called Game of Bones: Winter is Cumming, because of course it is (other titles that were really considered: Game of Thongs, Game of Moans). In Game of Bones, Jon Snow is played by James Deen in a cheap wig. Yesterday he discussed his role with the Daily Dot, and it’s important because of the following exchange:

Do you know who Jon Snow is?
I know nothing, really. I had actually never heard of it until the other day when I shot this porno.


It seems that he does not realize that he’s making a GoT reference, which is endlessly wonderful. Deen states that his understanding of the show is “British people that are walking around in the cold and they bang a lot.” When he was informed that there’s a very large political aspect to the fantasy series, he responded, “Now, something about people trying to control the kingdom, that’s interesting to me. I’d watch maybe if they cut out the sex and the violence and just focused on the plot.”

“James Deen Talks to Us About Filming ‘Game of Thrones’ Porn Parody” [Daily Dot]
Image via io9.

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