James Franco Pulls a James Franco, Recreates the Justin Bieber 'Boyfriend' Video


For better or worse, James Franco is James Franco and, at this point, that’s all we can expect him to be. Goofball does as he pleases and sometimes what pleases him is getting together with rumored girlfriend Ashley Benson and a wig budget of $40 to recreate the Justin Bieber “Boyfriend” video in a hotel room. Let’s let him do that. You do you, I’ll do me and Franco’ll do Franco because good things happen when we let people be themselves.

So you know what to expect: Franco’s “Boyfriend” video involves flashing lights, some twerking, a lot of face nuzzling and a mystery man in drag. I’m all guesses as to who he is, but I feel pretty safe in saying that they probably all at least made out with each other when this was over.

James Franco & Justin Bieber: Actor Records Music Video Of ‘Boyfriend’ [HuffPo Celebrity]

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