James Franco Tried To Pick Up a Teenage Girl on Instagram

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Everyone’s favorite Spring Breakers star/MFA student James Franco was up to some sketchy shit two days ago. Namely, he attempted to pick up a 17-year-old girl via Instagram direct message.

Here is how this tale unfolded: the girl, who was visiting from Scotland, took an Instagram video of James outside of his Broadway show “Of Mice and Men”; he requested that she tag him. When she did, he sent her a selfie (if you’re curious about what this gesture might mean, you can read his entire New York Times op-ed about the ontology of the celebrity selfie or whatever).

Anyway, from there, he tried to court her over Instagram and text. Which is fairly creepy because he is more than twice her age and she is still in high school.

He also texted her and asked if they should get a hotel room; she replied, “I’ll come back when I’m 18.”

James Franco responded to this leaked conversation by temporarily changing his Instagram description to include “(PLEASE DON’T DM IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, THANK YOU)” and tweeting some kind of cryptic denial.

Maybe this is some kind of performative viral marketing campaign for his upcoming movie about a teenager who falls in love with her school’s football coach? Or maybe James Franco is just a big creep. There’s a 99% chance it’s the latter. (More screenshots at the link.) [Dlisted]

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