Jemima Kirke Likes To Share Her Cocaine


Vice hung out with Girls actress Jemima Kirke in East Hampton, where she lives. Kirke spoke to the magazine about pregnancy, her career, and how she would feel if she had a daughter who dated a guy who behaved like Adam on the show.

First though, it turns out that the reporter actually first met Kirke a decade ago at a party when Kirke offered her cocaine:

VICE: I ran into you when you were 18 and back home for the holidays from the Rhode Island School of Design. It was at an afterparty for our friend’s band Dopo Yume. From the moment I met you I’ve always seen you as this beautiful, glamorous —
Jemima Kirke: Wait, what happened at the afterparty? Now I want to know. Do you remember?
Well, I can tell you and it can be off the record if you want…
No, it’s fine.
We were at Black and White, the bar, and obviously neither of us was old enough to be there. We were introduced by a mutual friend, hit it off, and then you asked me to go into the bathroom with you.
Oh yeah! I do remember that, and that you seemed somewhat impressionable at the time. So I thought, “I could probably get this girl to do drugs with me.”

The reporter recalls, “You offered me bumps off your keys while you were peeing on the toilet.”

Kirke says for her part that drugs no longer hold any allure: “That way of life stopped working for me really quickly. Some people know how to balance things, at least enough to be able to continue messing around, but I didn’t. I was very all-or-nothing about it, and you burn out really quickly if you keep going that way. It really fucked me.” Kirke earned her B.F.A. and three years ago married Michael Mosberg; she’s currently eight months pregnant with the couple’s second child.

Vice asked her to give dating advice to her unborn child. Kirke said, “If I have a boy, I’ll probably just tell him to be nice to women.” And if she has a daughter, will she in Vice‘s words “lock her up and not let her out”? Hardly: “I would love for her to date guys. I guess I’d just let her do her own thing and hopefully she’d feel comfortable enough to talk to me so I can offer advice.” And if she dated someone like Adam on Girls, well, she’d be a little worried.

Kirke was talking some more about drugs — and how she still would have done them even had she grown up in the suburbs — when the interview was interrupted by the news of Lindsay Lohan’s latest hit-and-run:

I don’t think location would have mattered. I wasn’t pissed at my parents, and I wasn’t a brat, so I don’t feel the city really changed me in that way. [pause] Oh, Lindsay [Lohan] strikes again! I’m reading the Post and she fucking hit a pedestrian again with her SUV.
Are you serious?
It was at 2:30 AM, too. That’s not a good look.
She hasn’t grown up yet.
No, she definitely hasn’t, and I don’t think she ever will.

One In The Oven [Vice]

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