The Bennifer Alarm Bells Are Ringing

Is history repeating itself when it comes to the greatest love story never told??

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The Bennifer Alarm Bells Are Ringing

The couple at the center of the Greatest Love Story Never Told, which is, of course, the accompanying documentary to the hallucinatory musical fantasia This Is Me…Now, is potentially facing an outcome not only told before, but one that has already happened to them. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck might be breaking up…now. 

They are at least not doing great. That or they haven’t been photographed together in a month and a half. To be clear, this rumor has a very large margin of error, but the idea that these two might be on the rocks isn’t totally implausible. 

According to Us Weekly, Ben has been living in the couple’s Brentwood house and Jen has been looking at other properties, though a source claimed that she was just doing that for investment purposes. “They are on two completely different pages most of the time” the source said. 

Another source told InTouch that the couple was in therapy: “Ben believes in therapy, to a point, and is willing to be a good sport about participating with an open mind, even though he hates the whole humiliating process,” they said. I’d expect nothing less from a man from Boston. 

Earlier this month, J.Lo attended the Met Gala solo because Ben was busy filming The Accountant 2. Some reports have tried to sow doubt on that absence excuse by pointing out that Affleck was able to make it to The Roast of Tom Brady the night before the gala. But both The Accountant 2 and the roast were filming in Los Angeles, so it makes sense that he was able to hop over to that, rather than crossing the country. 

As a semi-pro celebrity watcher, these two seem to thrive on the ebbs and flows; the drama fuels them. If I learned anything from watching  This Is Me…Now not one but two times, it’s that at least one half of this couple is fully delusional when it comes it comes to personal narratives about her romantic life, and the other half happily plays into it all. Ultimately, we just gotta get these guys back on a yacht off the Amalfi coast.

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