Jersey Shore Says Goodbye To Italy


If last week’s episode was all about seeing how much Italians hate the Jersey Shore, this week’s finale refuted that blow by showing just how excited the Shore kids were to go home to their beloved Jersey. As Pauly D so frankly put it, “I’m real excited to get back to Seaside. I can’t wait to go tanning, I’m gonna go tanning, then I’m gonna go tanning, then I’m gonna go tanning, then I’m gonna go to the gym, then I’m gonna do laundry.”

Over the span of the season, did you notice that not once did the cast partake in any tours or sight-seeing? That’s because it never happened. Because we couldn’t close out the show’s Italian season without forcing the cast to see the sights, they tooke a walking tour of Florence on their last day. Vinny learned that he had spent the entire trip walking past the window through which the Mona Lisa was painted, Deena realized she’d have smushed the Statue of David if she physically could, and Snooki got an answer to her question about cherubs: “So, they’re real? The babies with wings?” Sigh.

There was also a harmonious moment at the club worth noting in which a drunk girl danced around like Team Meatballs normally do, in which Deena and Snooks realize that they’re essentially looking at themselves (because they act the same way when they’ve been drinking.) But any moment of clarity they have passes quickly when Deena realizes that said drunk girl is currently grinding her lady-bits all over Deena’s purse. Ah, well: perhaps that moment of soul-searching clarity that the Jersey Shore kids so desperately need is being saved for season five.

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