Jezebel Had A Clothing Swap, And You Were There!


In our own nod to Fashion Week, we at Jezebel invited you to our rooftop for a mondo swap-meet. The result? Free clothes, free booze, only one injury, the inevitable orphaned bra, and many a find.

By 7, the Gawker media rooftop was filled with intent rummagers, the first hundred of whom stored their swag in Jezebel totes. Clothes were sorted by table, and contributors either furtively stowed their castoffs or waited curiously to see who would claim pieces of their past wardrobes. Almost everyone scored something, and some people had to drag their loot home in multiple bags.

Great finds included Margiela dresses (crazy, right?), wood platform sandals, tailored blazers, fun t-shirts and quilted bags. (I was given an amazing pair of high-waisted shorts by a woman who said a rich boyfriend gave them to her in the late ’80s.) More mysterious contributions — the forementioned grubby Vanity Fair 34A brassiere, a pair of very fuzzy pink pants, a sun-printed nightgown, and a pink satin dickie — appeared as if by magic.

The awesome thing about the event — besides the rad people, free wine and food and gorgeous weather — was that it combined the perks of a swap (free swag) with anonymity. No awkwardness, no pressure, just frenzied treasure-hunting. And you were thorough: by the time the lights flashed for last call and the DJ wound down the final song, there wasn’t much left for the Salvation Army. Thanks for coming! We were all thrilled with the chance to meet our readers at the first of what we hope will become a Jez tradition.

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