John Travolta and Lady Gaga Are Friends, and I'm Not Surprised, To Be Honest


On Wednesday afternoon, Stefani Germanotta (her fans call her Lady Gaga) posted a selfie to her Instagram profile in which she is being kissed on the cheek by John Travolta, the Oscar-nominated prisoner of Scientology.

In the photo’s caption, Gaga wrote:

I know when John comes to see me in the mornings it’s gonna be a good day 🙂 what a sweetheart

It does not surprise me that Lady Gaga and John Travolta are friends—specifically, the kinds of friends who show up to each other’s homes in the morning—nor should it surprise you. They both star in upcoming shows produced by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story: Hotel and American Crime Story), and have a history of attending the same social events, like dinner at Barbra Streisand’s house:

Travolta seems like the kind of person who listens to “Marry the Night” while stuck in traffic on Santa Monica as a way of simulating movement, and I’m sure he dragged Kelly Preston to the Born This Way tour (though she probably declined his invitation to ArtRave). Similarly, Gaga probably destroyed both parts of “Summer Nights” on more than one occasion while karaokeing on St. Mark’s during her NYU days.

What I’m saying is—if I’m saying anything at all—is that there’s something about this pairing that feels genuine in a way celebrity friendships so rarely do. Theirs is likely an frequently silent, though emotionally fulfilling camaraderie—one made up of mutual respect for each other’s secrets. Gaga asks no questions of Travolta (though she pities his involvement in a cult that is presumably holding him hostage), and Travolta refuses to critique her music (though he does wish Artpop had been better than it was).

They merely enjoy being in the same space, at the same time—drinking tea while staring out at the hills, going on gentle (though cathartic) rants about their lovers (Kelly and Taylor can be so annoying sometimes), and watching an occasional movie when one of them gets a good screener messengered to their home.

It seems like a nice match, and I’m happy they found each other.

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