JoJo Siwa Is a Legend

JoJo Siwa Is a Legend
Image:Michael Tullberg (Getty Images)

JoJo Siwa opened up about her “human” and girlfriend Kylie Prew in a new interview with People Thursday, and their experience having met on a cruise ship. The teen mogul reveals that she recited her whole career back to Prew, as she often does with new friends, and instead of being impressed, Prew said: “I could have Googled that. I want to know your life story. You just told me about your career. I want to know about you.”

Isn’t that just the best thing ever?

Since she came out in January, JoJo has been overwhelmed with a deluge of questions about her relationship and her sexuality, which is all very bad because she’s a teenager and they should be given the space to figure such things out on their own time. But, owing no one the answer but herself, she tells People: “I like queer… Technically I would say that I am pansexual because that’s how I have always been my whole life is just like, my human is my human.” Take it at your own pace, Miss JoJo!

Here she is on being a teenager:

“My struggles deal with being overworked and not getting any sleep. Do I ever have breakdowns? Yes, of course I do. I’m a teenager. There are a lot of times where I just will throw my phone down and lay on my bed and look at the ceiling and cry for a second.”

On social media:

“My phone keeps me connected to the world!”

Here’s a bummer, though. While her family and friends were largely supportive of her new relationship, she says the comments on social media were anything but.

Ever connected to her fans, she Googled herself. Then she read the thousands of comments. “I never should have done that. I was thinking that all the comments were going to be nice and supportive, and they weren’t,” she says. “A lot of them were, ‘I’m never buying your merch again. My daughter’s never watching you again.’ I couldn’t sleep for three days.”

As previously reported, those comments also spilled over when hateful individuals swatted the teen’s house in January, which she revealed an Instagram Live. JoJo, in response, tells People: “My thing is, I don’t want people to watch my videos or buy my merchandise if they aren’t going to support not only me, but the LGBTQ community.”

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