Kamala Harris’s Appearance on The View Goes All Wrong

The VP's interview was delayed after hosts Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin tested positive for Covid


On Friday’s airing of The View, Vice President Kamala Harris was set to be the guest of honor, appearing with the hosts at the big glass table. Live television, however, is an unwieldy beast. Twenty minutes into the show, hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were asked by a producer to leave the set and the show was tossed to commercial. Upon return, Joy Behar shared that Hostin and Navarro had tested positive for covid despite both being vaccinated and would not be able to sit at the table for the remainder of the show. Ironically, Hostin and Navarro were talking about vaccinations and the state of healthcare in the United States just before getting pulled out.

What followed was an absolute production nightmare as Behar and Sara Haines struggled to fill the time waiting for Harris’s arrival. Eventually, the Vice President appeared remotely. The show’s producer explained that she was in the building but it was unsafe for her to sit at the table.

Behar, a true veteran, fielded questions from the audience and did her best to fill what would have been dead air as Harris’s interview was seemingly the only fully planned segment for the show. During the final 10 minutes of the show, Harris beamed in from what appeared to be a green room to talk to Behar and Haines using wired Apple headphones to hear them.

Harris was asked quite directly whether or not the Biden administration would continue to deport Haitian migrants detained at the southern border. She gave a long-winded political non-answer that alluded to the fact that these people would in fact be sent back to Haiti while also stating, “There needs to be consequence and accountability,” for the border patrol officers who attempted to apprehend the migrants on horseback.

Due to a lack of time, Harris wasn’t able to finish answering any follow-up questions about Afghanistan but instead jumped quickly into the reason she was there in the first place. Harris announced that the Biden administration would be allocation $1.2 billion to schoolchildren to grant them access to broadband, which was revealed to be a huge issue during the height of the pandemic.

Cue raucous applause, roll credits!

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