Kell On Earth: And Another One Bites The Dust


Having recently fired two employees, People’s Revolution was already understaffed when Tandrew quit on last night’s episode. He packed up his lube, Ativan, and bronzer and moved back to the California, where his future—and the tanning beds—seemed brighter.

His send-off montage was hilarious, and I’m so glad that his tattoos of Britney Spears’ lyrics played heavily into it.

Other than Tandrew quitting, this episode was fairly drama-free, although we did learn that the other Andrew (Kelly’s long-haired, goth assistant) comes from an incredibly wealthy family, has a Versace armchair, and only works because he’s bored. He likes being Kelly’s assistant, but doesn’t know if he wants to move into the high-stress job of being a publicist, because really, he doesn’t need to.

The standout last night was probably Ava, Kelly’s daughter. Look at her, at her kiddie table, with her laptop and BlackBerry. She’s like a mini-version of Kelly. They take a call from Kelly’s mother, who announces that she’s making a trip to Walmart, which Ava has a very strong opinion about, telling her that she should not go to Walmart. At first I thought it was some kind of SoHo baby elitist attitude about the discount store, but then at the end, she said that she doesn’t like Walmart because it’s the “enemy of Target.” Brand loyalty!

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