Lady Edith Can't Catch a Break: 'Edith with Googly Eyes' Emerges as the Best New Tumblr


Poor Edith Crawley. She could have healed every soldier wounded in the trenches during WWI and she still would be the least likable of all the Crawley sisters. What is it about her? Her jealousy for Mary? Her desperation for any old farmer willing to flash his overalls in her direction? Her eyes? Is it her eyes? It’s her eyes, isn’t it? They’re too human and not nearly…googly enough to make her the type of person you want to root for. Luckily (for fans and for Edith), some good Tumblr user has thought to fix that.

Thanks to Edith With Googly Eyes, the middle Crawley has gone from zero to hero.

[Edith With Googly Eyes/h/t Gawker…]

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