Lana Del Rey Maybe Got Her Grammys Dress at Dillard's, Which Rules

Lana Del Rey Maybe Got Her Grammys Dress at Dillard's, Which Rules

When red carpet pre-shows aren’t an exercise in identifying who the new E! News hosts are, they’re an opportunity to time how many tedious questions Billie Eilish will answer before she manages to make it inside the building. (There, I assume, she is handed a non-alcoholic beverage made from black tears featured in the “When the Party’s Over” music video.) Sometimes, however, those 30-second interviews can yield real gold. Here’s a perfect example: an Entertainment Tonight reporter asked Lana Del Rey about her silver gown at the 2020 Grammys on Sunday night and it turns out, she got it at the mall.

“So I actually had another dress, and then my boyfriend and I were getting a belt for him at the mall and I saw this and I loved it,” she told ET. “So this is a last-minute dress, but I love it.”

Since watching the clip on repeat, I’ve been patiently waiting for some Internet sleuth/aspiring stylist to locate the gown. By Monday morning, someone on Twitter had found it on the Dillard’s website. The designer is Aidan Mattox, the dress is currently on sale for $441 from $588, and it is the “Art Deco Beaded Mesh Keyhole Neck Flutter Sleeve Fringe Detail Gown.” It is also sold at other department stores like Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales, so yes, Lana Del Rey seems to have picked it up at the mall.


I would be endeared to this extremely suburban story even if the dress were hideous (or whatever the luxury version of ballerina flats/skinny jean/whatever other casual clothes Del Rey wears on her regular shit-talking trips to Starbucks), but this dress is really beautiful and so very her—it is the perfect gown for a glamorous mall walker.

Also, if you find it hard to imagine Del Rey hitting the mall with a beau, allow me to remind you that she is dating a handsome reality TV cop named Sean “Sticks” Larkin. He’s smack-dab in the middle of the Dillard’s demographic. I can’t wait to see paparazzi photos emerge of them sharing Wetzel’s Pretzels.

Jezebel has reached out to representatives for Lana Del Rey and will update this post if we learn the exact provenance of the dress.

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