Landlord Required 5 Years of Mandatory Sex Acts in Homeless Mom’s Lease Agreement

Candy Torres's housing contract demanded regular blowjobs and barred her from eating aphrodisiacs, like oysters, or dating any man larger than her landlord.

Landlord Required 5 Years of Mandatory Sex Acts in Homeless Mom’s Lease Agreement

Landlords are famously miserable leeches who exist only to collect money, ignore rodent and mold infestations, and tell you to just go shower at a nearby gym when your pipes break in the middle of winter. So, considering that very low bar and the sheer volume of Bad Landlord tales out there, it’s truly remarkable to come across one that’s legitimately shocking to everyone.

Enter Allan Rothstein, a Las Vegas landlord who compelled a homeless mother of five to sign a lease that required her to give him blowjobs on demand for five years and barred her from dating any man that’s physically bigger than him or owned guns.

Candy Torres sued Rothstein in April 2019 over this absolutely batshit housing agreement, which she says she signed “under protest” because she was so desperate. The legal complaint states that Rothstein compelled Torres to sign a stack of lease agreements, which included an “illegal activity” form and a “Direct Consent for Sexual Intercourse and/or Fellatio or Cunnilingus” form, after she refused to give him a hand job.

Rothstein, according to ABC 13 in Las Vegas, admitted that he had done this in court records. “Any agreements or documents mentioned speak for themselves,” he said, apparently not wanting to discuss them further.

Allan Rothstein’s realty website, which is still active.

Let’s back up a minute, because this is all so fucked up that I am struggling to wrap my head around it:

In August 2018, Torres was a homeless mother of five, according to the lawsuit, when she was approved for a federal housing voucher from the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority. The voucher allowed her to rent a home from a private landlord—but she only had 90 days to find a place, and every landlord she contacted refused the voucher. Before this, she and her kids had been living week to week at a residential hotel.

In September 2018, she found Rothstein’s ad online and jumped at the chance to rent a four-bedroom place that it appeared she could actually afford. The then-property manager and real estate broker let her move in and fix up the home, so that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development would approve it as a voucher-eligible residence.

Rothstein never, of course, mentioned that the home was in default and subject to foreclosure when he offered his potential tenant a lengthy, truly nightmarish sex contract. He also allegedly charged Torres more than three times the $145-a-month rent, harassed her for back rent (which she didn’t owe), and eventually tried to evict her—all while trying to take sexual advantage of a desperate, low-income mom of five.

Another confounding image from Rothstein’s website.

Some highlights from the sex contract Torres was compelled to sign include agreeing not to eat—*rereads contract for the 200th time*—oysters, strawberries or lobster??

Torres had to attest that she wasn’t: “under the influence of an incapacitating intoxicant, aphrodisiacs, or psychoactive substances, including but not limited to, alcohol, drugs, oysters, Bremelanotide, truffles, sea cucumber, strawberries, lobster, dark chocolate, Cocaine, LSD, cannabis or any other mind-altering chemical or substance, nor have they been given the same by the INITIATOR/S,”

Torres wasn’t allowed to have a partner who was:

“larger, meaner, and more physically aggressive, owns firearms and/or is more possessive than the INITIATOR/S.”

And, of course, she had to agree to have sex with her landlord, whenever, for five years:

The RESPONDENT/S hereby and freely gives their total consent to the INITIATOR/S to engage in sexual activities with the RESPONDENT/S with the understanding that sexual intercourse as defined by the State of Nevada will occur. This consent and agreement is valid for the period of FIVE years and does hereby freely give implied consent to consecutive or concurrent sexual encounters between the RESPONDENTS/S and the INITIATOR/S.

Housing lawyer Bruce Flammey told ABC 13 that he’d never seen anything like this: “Not even on bar exams in law school. Nobody has ever put something like this together that I’ve ever seen. Although, in all candor, I think there’s more of these out there.” The local news outlet also reported that Rothstein has done all of this to other women.

Rothstein’s licenses have since been revoked, and he’s currently on federal trial for violating the Fair Housing Act—which he denies. He was also fined $94,000, after a Nevada Real Estate Division investigation found he listed a fake address for his brokerage firm and made repeated unwanted sexual advances towards Torres.

Fuck prison: This man belongs in eternal hell.

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