Le Fragile & Le Fierce At Dior


John Galliano‘s Dior fall/winter show in Paris today looked to old Hollywood, but also: Town and country; soft and hard; bold and demure. Pure Parisian glamor. Let’s pretend we own estates in the French countryside where the parties never stop!

Oliver! has really been a source of inspiration all over the place lately.

M’Lady forgot her pants, but remembered her purse.

Cordelia and her horse were close. Really close. Cordelia liked to get dressed up for her rides, and she could sense that Checkers appreciated it.

An unbridled love of dressage details!

“Good day, sir. I said good day.”

Just add goggles and a vintage roadster, and: SOLD.

Unapologetically girly! A dress designed for dancing until dawn.

The fluttery, perforated leather is cool, but I think this would be better in soft pink. Or white.

Five Awesome Things About This Right Here:
1. The volume and texture of the hair echoed by the volume and texture of the purse
2. The deconstructed motorcycle/blazer rendered soft instead of rigid
3. A neutral color palette that manages to be interesting and not “safe,” beige or boring
4. A dress so diaphanous and delicate it’s tied with a sliver of a ribbon

You’ve been planning an intimate party in the formal gardens of your Chateau in the Loire Valley, and you’ve finally found something to wear. Bravo.

Delicate, yet strong; wispy and wonderful!

Perfect for when you need to have a secret rendez-vous in the greenhouse at midnight.

Are there shorts under there? Or just granny panties and boots? I don’t really understand what’s happening here, I only know that I love it. The explosion of tiny blossoms on the filmy fabric? Exquisite.

“What do you mean, there’s no more champagne?”

Some said Madame was eccentric, but the truth was: She knew what she wanted.

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