Let's Head on Down to the Poop Cafe


Would you ever go to a poop cafe? Just answer the question, don’t be a child about this.

The Poop Cafe (or 또옹카페), located in Seoul, Korea, is an establishment that features tons of poop-shaped accoutrements and delicacies. All around you, there’s poop.

Poop scones. Poop decorations. Lattes in cute little cups shaped like toilet bowls. Poop everywhere. Everywhere that counts.

According to Ken Kum, who runs the blog Seoul State of Mind:

“…It’s seen as a normal cafe in Korea. I would say the ‘cute poop’ theme is very popular throughout Asia […] I wouldn’t say it’s pushing boundaries. I think it’s just difference in culture. I am a westerner but even it brings me a lot of laughter.” He says that the young community in Korea loves poop jokes and that both the cafe mocha and cappuccino are legitimately delicious.

Well, shit, who doesn’t love a good poop joke? This is clearly thee place to be.

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Image via Seoul Searching

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