Literally What in the Hell Are You Doing, 60 Minutes Australia?

Literally What in the Hell Are You Doing, 60 Minutes Australia?
Image:60 Minutes Australia

60 Minutes Australia has released a teaser for an upcoming segment on the troubles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It is almost unbelievably ugly.

The show—which is apparently VERY different from the venerated, buttoned-up American version that bored me to tears as a child on Sunday nights—posted a preview on Twitter. It was almost instantly ratio’ed into oblivion. And understandably so!

They’ve got some ex-friend on there, suggesting that Meghan has changed into someone “more manipulating” and also that she wanted a celebrity boyfriend. They tagged it #Megxit, the preferred hashtag of the social media trolls who absolutely loathe Meghan, frequently to the point of downright conspiratorial thinking. (Seriously, that hashtag is dark.) It’s fully of big scary lettering straight out of a true crime special, words like SCANDAL and LIES and THE INSANE MARKLE DEBACLE.

But nothing’s as shocking as the dominating presence of Katie Hopkins, who has a history of saying absolutely awful shit. She once compared migrants to cockroaches and got fired for calling for a “final solution” after the terror attack in Manchester. Now she appears on Fox News and is retweeted by Donald Trump, and she really has a bug up her ass about Meghan—can’t imagine why! Whatever could be bothering her?! And that’s who 60 Minutes Australia decided was a good voice on the subject of Markle’s public reputation.

“She’s a no one,” snarls Hopkins, over music that sounds like the soundtrack to a movie about witches. “She wears bad clothes. When did we ask for that?” She concludes: “Meghan Markle is the biggest hypocrite there is.” Sure, they’ve got the correspondent on there saying “I’m offended,” but it’s hard to take him seriously when two and a half minutes of Googling would have told him exactly what Hopkins was going to say.

Apparently, this was supposed to be correspondent Karl Stefanovic’s big comeback at 60 Minutes Australia, too, after getting cut from Australia’s version of Today and also getting recorded in a phone conversation with his brother, another Australian TV host, bitching about work and including some spicy thoughts on… 60 Minutes Australia! Better luck next time, Karl.

Originally this post misidentified Harry and Meghan as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, not Sussex. I have removed myself to the Tower of London.

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