Lunch Lady Unleashes Fire Vocals During Cafeteria Karaoke


A cafeteria worker in Pennsylvania surprised a room full of normally unimpressed teens this week with her stirring rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

Becky Alderfer shared her gift of song during a teacher karaoke event for charity on Tuesday at Souderton High School in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Few knew that she’d been a church music director in the area for some 30 years.

While she’s softly killing this Christmas jam in the clip above, you can hear one student in the background saying, “What the heck is she [doing]…”

Other students remain unbothered until the middle of the song, when Alderfer hits that high note. It’s at this point that the teen whose head is blocking the lunch lady’s view takes notice and joins the standing ovation.

Rare teen approval: Unlocked.

“The lunch ladies were excited and I dedicated the song to them,” Alderfer told NBC Philadelphia. “I thought it [the song] had a nice message and I felt like I knew it well enough that I could get through it.”

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