Madonna Uses French Hostage Crisis to Promote Her New Album

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It’s been two days since 12 people were murdered during an attack on the Charlie Hedbo office in Paris and a hostage standoff with the two alleged shooters currently dominates international headlines. So what better time for Madonna to show solidarity with the victims and promote her new album?

“These are very scary times we are living in. Ignorance breeds Intolerance and fear. We can only fight darkness with light! We are all Charlie,” she captioned a “Je Suis Charlie” graphic, then hashtagging it with her album title, “#rebelheart.”

A photo of Parisians holding vigil also got the “#rebelheart” treatment:

It’s fine for Madonna to promote her album. It is fine for her to show her support for the people of Paris following such awful tragedy. But in the future, she might want to keep those as separate things.

[E! Online]

One of the titular Moms on Dance Moms is disgusted—simply disgusted!—by Sia‘s recent video which depicts Shia LaBeouf in a lyrical dance cage fight with Dance Moms protégé Maddie Ziegler. Via TMZ:

Cathy [Nesbitt-Stein], who calls the video “vile,” says “I nearly threw up” watching Shia and Maddie writhing on the ground. She says it was so upsetting she couldn’t watch the whole video.
Cathy calls out the 12-year-old’s mom, saying, “I am flabbergasted Melissa [Gisoni, Maddie’s mother] would go to the levels she is going to get her daughter famous.”

What video are you watching, Cathy?

When asked whether or not there’d be any Bill Cosby jokes at the Golden Globes, co-host (and long-time Cosby joke maker) Tina Fey responded with a resounding “Oh heck yes.” As for the rest of the show, she and Amy Poehler will keep the mood light. “Amy and I have always said that the idea [is] that we don’t want anyone attending to be scared to be there because of us,” she told Access Hollywood. “It’s a party and it’s—in the grand scheme of the world, it couldn’t be less important and I think that’s what makes it fun.” [EW]

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  • Josh Hutcherson will appear on Syfy’s Face Off, which—for some reason—I find endlessly adorable. [EW]
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