Mae Whitman Gets a Hot High School Makeover in The Duff Trailer 

Maybe we’re just old ’round these parts, but the term “DUFF” is not one we’re familiar with. Well, according to Mae Whitman’s new teen comedy The Duff, it stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. That’s what Whitman’s character finds out she is, which leads her on a journey of self-discovery and–just kidding, from the trailer, it looks like it leads to her asking a hot dude to make her over, She’s All That-style, in exchange for her helping him with school.

Whitman’s fairly rad, and the movie’s based off a popular YA book, so it’s quite possible that this movie will have more nuance and substance than the trailer gives it credit for. Also I need something to replace the Easy A-shaped hole in my heart, so at this point, anything will do.

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