Man Convicted Of Sexual Assault For Sabotaging Girlfriend's Condoms


A Nova Scotia man who poked holes in his girlfriend’s condoms in hopes of impregnating her and thus saving their relationship has been convicted of sexual assault.

According to CBC, Craig Jaret Hutchinson had been dating his girlfriend for a few months when she started to talk about breaking up. He “thought if she got pregnant, their relationship would be saved,” so he used a pin to puncture all her condoms. Turns out, she did get pregnant. But then he told her what he’d done, and instead of joining him in the familial bliss he’d hoped for, she called the cops.

Now Hutchison has been found guilty of sexual assault, but not of a more serious charge of aggravated sexual assault. For that, the prosecution would have had to prove that he’d endangered his girlfriend’s life. It actually sounds like he may have — the woman had an abortion, after which she developed an infection, and in any case, pregnancy carries some major risks that nobody should have to shoulder without her consent. And for anyone who thinks baby-hungry women are the only people poking holes in condoms, this case is a reminder that pregnancy coercion is a real and serious form of abuse that can be perpetrated by men too.

Condom-Piercing Leads To Sex Assault Conviction [CBC]

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