Man Finds Soul of the Damned in His McDonald's Sundae

In Depth

At least now we know what happens to very bad people when they die.

The above image comes to us courtesy of twitter user bonerman_inc (I know, I know), who apparently discovered an enemy from Doom trapped in his soft-serve ice cream treat from McDonald’s. He then posted it on Twitter, as one does.

Look, you can claim its just a random coincidence, that when you repeatedly drop strawberry slush into vaguely-dairy soft-serve McDonald’s ice cream products over a long enough period of time, sheer random chance guarantees that some of them are going to form recognizable shapes and patterns. You can tell me that, but I know the truth: the end times are upon us.

Soon, rivers of blood will pour forth from the sky, the Adversary will rise from below, the moon will be as sackcloth and the oceans will be as blood, and the seas will boil and the sky will fall. Then the first thing Satan’s going to say when he gets up here and sees us acting all surprised is, “shit, didn’t you guys get the message I sent you in the ice cream? I mean, I figured making it McDonald’s ice cream should make it extra-obvious I was involved.” When that happens, we will have only ourselves to blame for not heeding the creamy herald of our own demise.

h/t Mark (because of course)

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