Man Sues Ex Over Her Obsession With Snoopy Plush Toy


No relationship is perfect. All of us have our quirks (for instance, I can’t eat a burrito unless I have found the perfect show to watch on TV) and, for the most part, our partners have to learn to accept our special ways of doing things in the same way we have to accept theirs (my partner eats pizza with a fork like he is the dowager countess). One man from the Hubei province of China, however, is suing his ex for her obsession with her Snoopy plush.

Fang Yan (a pseudonym) is taking his former partner to court to win back approximately $6,450 he spent on her Snoopy toy during their four-year courtship. According to a report from The Global Times, Fang’s girlfriend insisted that her plush accompany them on all dates and outings. That doesn’t seem so bad (provided that the toy in question wasn’t one of those giant stuffed monstrosities you spend $100 at the carnival and then have no place to put), but Yan’s girlfriend took it one step father. Not only was Snoopy a constant companion for the duo — you guys, why am I picturing him dressed as the nurse in Romeo and Juliet? — but Fang claims that his ex insisted that Snoopy be treated just like one of the gang, forcing Fang to purchase Snoopy movie tickets and ordering food for Snoopy when the two went out to eat. Fang claims that he gained over twenty pounds during his time with Snoopy due to the fact that he had to finish the dog’s uneaten meals.

The relationship ended when his girlfriend slapped him in public for refusing to take Snoopy to the bathroom. Fang then decided to press charges. Lawyers speculate that he has no chance of winning the case in court.

The lawsuit will likely be seen as frivolous (although how awesome would it be if we could get back money that we spent on our exes? I could buy at least one limited-edition beanie baby with that money), it’s also important to note that the plush toy plays such an important role in the life of Fang’s ex that she was willing to hit him over his refusal to take it to a public restroom. I can’t help but think that whether Fang wins the case or not is irrelevant as long as it also leads to his girlfriend to evaluate the role her toy plays in her life.

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