Mariah Carey's Dress, Like Her Show, Is Splitting Apart at the Seams


Rumors that Mariah Carey’s vegas show is falling apart have been running rampant since the singer opened last week. The New York Times gave it an awful review and Carey cancelled a show earlier this week due to bronchitis, though some speculate it might have been due to lack of rehearsal. And then there’s this: A video of her dress splitting wide open, suggesting that there’s more trouble than just bronchitis and a lack of dance moves in Sin City.

The above video is of a wardrobe malfunction that occurred during the first show (and not the only one; Carey also gave the audience a glimpse of her bedazzled underwear) when Mariah’s dress split open and had to be fixed on stage.

In addition—and this is sad for me to write because all of us here love Mariah and are rooting for her success—fans just don’t seem as into the show as hoped, with one dude being pulled up on stage appearing very underwhelmed to be meeting Mariah and being invited to “touch her body” while in a bed on stage.

To be fair, it kind of does look and sound a mess? But maybe it’s better live?

You know what I would pay for? A recreation of Mariah Carey’s cribs video done live on-stage. No singing required and the entertainment value endless. What do you say Cirque Du Soleil?

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