A Tale of Two Food Icons: Martha Stewart and Guy Fieri

Stewart delightfully posed with "This Guy" Fieri from her box seats at last night's Super Bowl.

A Tale of Two Food Icons: Martha Stewart and Guy Fieri
Screenshot:Instagram/@marthastewart48 (Fair Use)

Two food icons had a moment at last night’s Super Bowl matchup between the Rams and the Bengals, and it was very on brand for both of them.

Convicted insider trader and CBD enthusiast Martha Stewart shared this charming photo of her and the Mayor of Flavortown Guy Fieri at the game. She wrote: “Great seat. Lots of passes [sic] by including this guy. @guyfieri !!! Great super bowl.”

The photo is a study in contrasts. Martha leaning over the edge of her box seats with a lime in her drink and a wee paper bag full of snacks; Guy walking by among the plebeians, giving her finger guns and holding what looks like a beer, or the new hard seltzer he hawked during a flashy Super Bowl ad. The “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” host, of course, has his signature bleached spikes and 90s sunglasses with a red leather jacket. It appears to be the very same jacket from the aforementioned ad. We love a king who doesn’t mind repeating outfits! Meanwhile, Stewart is wearing white jeans, huge gold earrings, and a short sleeve puffer jacket—a garment I’ve never seen before in my life—in camouflage print.

Yes, Stewart is wearing jeans and camo to the Sporting Event but she is not like us. She’s saying, “how do you do, fellow normies?” after traveling to the game on a private jet and dining on caviar. The whole scene is very reminiscent of private equity multimillionaire Mitt Romney declaring “hot dog is my favorite meat.”

Stewart’s caption of the post showing off her PJ reads, “If you gotta go to the @superbowl2022 this is one way to do it !!!”

Her obligation was hosting the Puppy Bowl with Snoop Dogg before the big game. He led Team Fluff while she coached Team Ruff. That is Martha Stewart for you, just ruff all around.

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