Maybe Don't Dangle Your Child Over a Pit of Cheetahs 


Today in bad parenting news: Yesterday a toddler fell into the cheetah pit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. It wasn’t a case of a curious toddler getting away from him parents, rather the mother was dangling the child over the railing when he fell about ten feet into the pit.

According to the AP, the cheetahs weren’t interested in either the boy or his parents, who jumped in the pit to recover the child. The cheetahs were probably too busy licking their paws or shaking their heads and muttering about the stupidity of humanity.

Via the AP:

Zoo officials say the boy hurt his leg in the fall. Cleveland Fire Department spokesman Larry Gray says the toddler was treated for bumps and bruises at a hospital.
The zoo says Cleveland Metroparks plans to seek child endangering charges against the mother.

Image via Getty.

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