Michele Bachmann Flubs Elvis Facts In Latest Gaffe

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Americans have looked past Michele Bachmann not knowing basic facts about the nation’s history and comparing herself to a serial killer, but today she may have gone too far when she displayed a troubling lack of knowledge about the King of Rock and Roll. At a campaign event in South Carolina Bachmann said, “Before we get started, let’s all say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Elvis Presley today. We played you a little bit of “Promised Land” when we pulled-up. You can’t do better than Elvis Presley.” The problem: Today is the 34th anniversary of his death. [Radar]

Some dude who claims he was good friends with RHOBH‘s Russell Armstrong (but is willing to chat with Radar about his suicide) says that in the past few weeks, “He was down in the dumps over the latest allegations that he had abused Taylor. I told him people don’t believe everything they read and he told me; ‘It’s funny how a reality show can ruin your entire life.'” [Radar]
A friend says Taylor Amstrong hasn’t told her 5-year-old daughter Kennedy about her father’s suicide, explaining, “She’s not emotionally ready to do so just yet.” [TMZ]

We always knew no good would come of Us magazine’s “Who Wore It Best?” column, and today things took an ugly turn when Maddox and Shiloh were pitted against each other. This is just like the Civil War turning “brother against brother,” but a million times worse. [Us]

Prince Harry is no longer seeing Florence Brudenell-Bruce, which isn’t all that surprising, since Harry described himself as single throughout their supposed relationship. [CBS News]
Radar has called out Pippa Middleton for recycling outfits. She’s just a chick whose sister married royalty, but apparently anyone who’s remotely famous is now required to discard outfits after wearing them. [Radar]

  • Those in charge of Michael Jackson‘s estate are threatening to shut down the upcoming Joe Jackson-backed Michael Jackson Tribute Concert because KISS will be performing and Gene Simmons has publicly accused MJ of being a child molester. [TMZ]
  • Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva are feuding in court over where to enroll their 22-month-old daughter in preschool. Oksana wants her to attend a private school near her home, but Mel doesn’t want to do a long drive when he has custody. [HR]
  • Janet Jackson and Lady Antebellum have canceled their performances at the Indiana State Fair due to the tragic stage collapse that occurred over the weekend. [RS]
  • Sign of the times: Even iconic ’70s stars are having financial trouble. Burt Reynolds‘ Florida home may be foreclosed on. [Reuters]
  • BREAKING: Kim Kardashian‘s bridesmaids will wear green. [People]
  • Tony Romo played hide-and-seek at his bachelor party and didn’t drink. Sounds wild. [Us]
  • I swear I didn’t write this letter to E! asking if there’s any chance of Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears reunion. (Though, I’ll never stop rooting for those kids to get back together.) [E!]
  • In other Brit Brit news, her children have a new sibling. Kevin Federline and his girlfriend Victoria Prince welcomed a baby girl named Jordan Kay last night. [Radar]
  • Chris Colfer wants a Glee spinoff even if the executive producers say it isn’t happening. He says, “I’m very much looking forward to hearing what happens with that. I love Kurt more than myself sometimes. I would love to be with him and see where he goes and see what happens to him in the future.” As for whether Darren Criss would come with him and make all my dreams come true, he says, “I don’t know what will happen with that. We’ll see where it goes. There are more gay people in New York where they would go, so they might have some tough times. Maybe they’ll go to New York and get married. Who knows?” [E!]
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