Michelle's Approval Ratings Are Plummeting. Guess Why.

  • Michelle Obama‘s approval ratings have fallen following her recent vacation in Spain. According to the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, only 50% of Americans have a favorable impression of her, down from 64% in April 2009.

Some suggest that this is because of her “lavish” European vacation, even though the White House Press Secretary points out that the Obamas paid for all their own personal expenses, including the $2,500 per night stay in the Costa del Sol hotel.

  • Scientists from Newcastle University believe that bacteria may have access to a full four out of the five senses. Recent research leads them to believe that bacteria can actually smell you coming.
  • The Supreme Court has upheld a $20,000 fine against Orly Taitz, the crazypants birther who has been questioning the President’s citizenship. Taitz was slapped with the harsh fine for filing “frivolous” litigation.
  • According to a new poll, smoking pot makes you more likely to vote for Sarah Palin. While this does explain some things, it turns out that it’s just not true. Pot may make you do a lot of stuff, but as of now, it can’t be blamed for supporting the former Alaskan governor.
  • Fatherhood can alter the male brain, according to doctors from Israel’s Bar-Ilan University. Close contact with newborn babies triggers a release of “parenting hormones,” which make men feel more affectionate and bonded with their child.
  • Psychologists at Michigan State University have found that when it comes to forming social networks, the differences between boys and girls aren’t as vast as previously thought. Though girls tend to hang out in smaller groups as children, this trend changes by eighth grade, when they begin branching out to larger and larger groups.
  • German pop singer Nadja Benaissa appeared in court today after being charged for knowingly infecting her partner with HIV. “I am sorry from my heart,” she said in a statement. “No way did I want my partner to be infected.” Banaissa faces charges of grievous bodily harm for infecting a former boyfriend, and charges of attempted bodily harm for having unprotected sex with two other men.
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