Miley Gets the Dogs

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Miley Gets the Dogs

While Miley Cyrus once dedicated an album to her Dead Petz, many are still alive and under threat of an Australian ex-husband! TMZ reports that Miley will fight to keep the many animals she shared with Liam Hemsworth—seven dogs, two horses, two mini horses, three cats, and a pig to be exact. Interestingly, California passed a new law that empowers a judge to grant various forms of custody for the animals in a divorce. Sources claim that even though a judge would likely rule in Miley’s favor, Liam holds a key bargaining position:

Miley’s the one who gave almost all of the animals a home in the first place — mainly through adoption — and she’s certainly passionate about them. However, it was Liam — while Miley was out of town — who saved the animals during last year’s wildfires in Malibu, which destroyed their home. Miley praised Liam’s heroics on Howard Stern.

Any new relationship comes with a set of unique challenges. Not only has Kaitlynn Carter found herself in the nexus of a media maelstrom, she’s about to have seven animals sharing bed with her and Miley. Good luck! (And if possible, please spin a reality show from this.) [TMZ]

Olivia Jade and Bella Giannulli’s advice for living through a scandal? Stay at home! According to People’s ever-trustworth Loughlin source:

Olivia and Bella continue to spend a lot of time with friends. They visit people’s houses, or have friends over. They prefer this to going out. Some of their friends are heading back to school, but some aren’t. Olivia still plans to focus on a comeback when the time is right. She just needs to lay low until the trial is over.

While I do wonder what Olivia Jade’s “comeback” might entail, I’m more concerned with the identity of the Loughlin source. Their information—as far as what’s been told to People and Us Weekly—seems reliable. Perhaps it’s Lori! Think about it: She gets to control the narrative while also building a redemption arc for whatever comeback she’s definitely planning. It’s what I would do! And even if the coverage is unflattering, the “source” has kept her name consistently in the headlines since March. We might never know the truth, but that won’t stop me from wildly speculating! (Who else could it be: Candace Cameron Bure, John Stamos, Bob Sagat, a When Calls the Heart co-star with an axe to grind, and even Olivia Jade? Leave your guess below!) [People]

Have you listened to Missy Elliott’s incredible Iconology yet?

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