Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Would Like to Remind Us He Hates Abortion

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Would Like to Remind Us He Hates Abortion
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In the midst of a pandemic and a new burgeoning civil rights movement whose goals have spread far beyond merely addressing police violence, Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley would like us to instead focus on abortion. Specifically, he would really, really like to remind us that he’s a massive dick who believes people should not have the ability to get a safe, legal abortion.

In a Sunday interview with the Washington Post, Hawley described Roe v. Wade as “an unbridled act of judicial imperialism” and vowed that he would only vote to confirm a Supreme Court judge who agreed with him that abortions should once again be illegal. “I will vote only for those Supreme Court nominees who have explicitly acknowledged that Roe v. Wade is wrongly decided,” Hawley told the Post. “By explicitly acknowledged, I mean on the record and before they were nominated.”

Hawley, with the energy of a man who has watched Braveheart waaaay too many times, continued: “I don’t want private assurances from candidates. I don’t want to hear about their personal views, one way or another. I’m not looking for forecasts about how they may vote in the future or predications. I don’t want any of that. I want to see on the record, as part of their record, that they have acknowledged in some forum that Roe v. Wade, as a legal matter, is wrongly decided.”

In the past, Hawley has painted incredibly restrictive abortion laws that have passed in states like Missouri as a necessary reaction to what he termed “extremist” abortion laws passed in Democrat-controlled states. But it’s clear that he’s the extremist when it comes to abortion. In 2016, when he was running to become Missouri’s attorney general, he made it clear he opposes abortion in any circumstance. “Abortion is not a right,” he told the anti-abortion website LifeSiteNews. “It is a violent act against the defenseless. It violates every principle of morality and should be barred by American law. Until that day, I fully support bans on partial-birth abortion, third-trimester abortion, and indeed every limit that can receive public support.” He added, “I am 100 percent pro-life and have been my whole life. That means I am opposed to abortion at any stage of pregnancy, and I am opposed to embryonic stem-cell research.”

RBG, please continue doing your planks, we need you!!!

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