Mom Arrested For Arranging, Bringing Knife to Teen Daughter's Fistfight


A Florida mother is out on bail after forcing her teen daughter, who was being bullied, into a fight with another girl. And Tabitha Anne Bennett didn’t just drive her daughter to the fight, she arranged it over Facebook and brought a knife, just in case she and her daughter needed to use it on the other 14-year-old.

According to ABC News, Bennett might have been more excited about the fight (which, again, she arranged) than her daughter.

Deputies say at least two people recorded the fight and posted video footage on social media. Officials say Bennett was captured kicking and pulling the hair of the 14-year old and was heard yelling and encouraging her daughter to fight by yelling, “Get on top of her” and “kick her ass.”

Bennett’s victim told authorities that she thought she “was going to die,” which seems reasonable when a woman exits her car with a knife and encourages her daughter to beat you senseless. Bennett additionally prevented other people from joining the fight, although that rule didn’t apply to Bennett herself, apparently.

When her daughter appeared to be flagging, reports WPTV, Bennett tagged herself in, started kicking ass and ended the fight on top of the other girl along with her daughter. As seems inevitable, Bennett was arrested and is charged with “child abuse, assault and battery offenses,” though her mugshot clearly says, “I don’t give a shit.”

Image via WPTV.

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