My Ex-Boyfriend Henrik Lundqvist Is Recovering Well After Open Heart Surgery, Thank You For Asking

My Ex-Boyfriend Henrik Lundqvist Is Recovering Well After Open Heart Surgery, Thank You For Asking
Image:Bruce Bennett (Getty Images)

As everyone other than Henrik Lundqvist knows, I was in a committed non-monogamous long-term relationship with former Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist. Sadly, we parted ways in October of last year because he chose to play for a different team against my advice. I simply could not bring myself to continue cheering for him after what I believed was a betrayal after years of loyalty. I’d like to say that it was mutual, but the writing had been on the wall and being so much in love, we chose to ignore the signs.

The break-up was difficult and was made all the worse when I found out that my beloved Henrik had a heart condition that would make it impossible to play any games in the 2021-2022 NHL season. He told me this personally, via Instagram post, because we are still close like that. Naturally, while the wound from his departure from the Rangers was still fresh, I could not ignore him when he needed me most. We got back in touch and the old flame was alight once more.

Last week, Henrik wrote to me personally on his Twitter account that he had made it out of a five-hour aortic valve replacement surgery safely, and although his heart had literally been laid out in front of doctors, he and his love for me were still intact. He didn’t write those exact words in his tweet but I know how to read between the lines.

On Friday morning, he wrote to me once again to let me know he was leaving the hospital and looking fine as hell while doing it in an all-white coordinated tracksuit. I am thrilled by this news and happy to see him returned to his wife and children, or as I like to refer to her, his primary partner.

Because of covid and certain laws that prevent what some may call a crazed fan from approaching celebrities, I’ve not been able to go to Cleveland where Henrik is currently recuperating to visit him. This is has been hard on us as we consider starting over in our relationship. But he did let me know he will be rehabbing in New York once his doctors give him the green light, and who knows where our love story will go when there’s nothing but a single state border and several levels of security keeping us apart.

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