Mysterious Things Are Supposedly Afoot in Lala Kent's Love Life…

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Mysterious Things Are Supposedly Afoot in Lala Kent's Love Life…
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Life must be hard for influencers and reality television stars. If my husband were to delete all three pictures of me from his Instagram, I’d simply assume he had developed a niche hobby, like collecting weirdly shaped rocks off the ground, and was repurposing his social media. When an influencer and reality television star wipes all evidence of their fiancé, however, the act releases a cloud of noxious fumes into the atmosphere that draws the attention of everyone with a working brain and too much time on their hands. Like I said, life sucks when you’re famous!

Lala Kent has found herself at the center of a self-generated mystery machine this weekend, after clearing any trace of her fiancé, film “mogul” Randall Emmett, from Instagram. Only for a moment, though. The pictures are back now, and she’s since insisted via Instagram stories that she isn’t being “cryptic” at all. So what’s the truth?

On Sunday, July 26, Kent seemingly deleted photos of Emmett and shared a prayer from the Fourth Step of the 12 Steps program, after revealing that she’d begun her sobriety journey in 2018 last year. It read:

“Dear God, it is I who has made my life a mess. I have done it, but I cannot undo it. My mistakes are mine & I will begin a searching & fearless moral inventory. I will write down my wrongs but I will also include that which is good. I pray for the strength to complete the task.”

Anyone familiar with the steps would have read it as such. She’d also written more extensively about her sobriety on Friday. The clues were all there! But alas, her fans melted down anyway, asking on Instagram and Twitter if she’d broken up with Emmett, considering the two don’t follow each other. (And those supposedly deleted photos of him.)

Soon, Kent had posted to Instagram Stories about the speculation and press buzz: “My stories are not ‘cryptic.’ My last story was the fourth step prayer. One of the hardest steps in the 12-step program. I will continue to post a prayer from the program each day.” Now, on Monday, July 27, the photos are back up. Were I to recklessly speculate why they were gone at all, I’d say she’d used the handy “archive” function on Instagram to remove them from her timeline but not delete them entirely. I’d also point out that in May, she revealed in an interview with Maria Menounos that they’ve “almost broken up a dozen times” since California instituted lockdown measures.

Were I to be even messier, I might also mention that she and Emmett were shooting a movie in Puerto Rico this month with the hot and horny Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. They also don’t follow each other on social media. What could it all mean? It’s so mysterious… [Us Weekly]

Selling Sunset’s Heather Rae Young is predictably engaged to Tarek El Moussa. Good for them! I know it’s been a long journey for El Moussa, who has desperately clawed his way back to relevance with Young. She looks shockingly like his ex-wife Christina Anstead, doesn’t she?

For context, the couple claims they moved in together after one week. A birthday party she attended for his daughter, after less than two months of dating, was a focal point of drama on Selling Sunset’s second season. Their engagement also comes after El Moussa’s protracted, highly publicized divorce, which they both blamed on stress stemming from El Moussa’s cancer battles and Anstead’s fertility struggles. They initially separated in 2016 after police seized guns from the family home while answering a “call of a suicidal male with a gun,” as TMZ reported at the time. He reportedly told authorities he wasn’t a danger to anyone with the gun, and just wanted to “blow off some steam.” Following the incident, they announced they would seek counseling and separate.

Anyways, congrats to the happy couple, or whatever it is you’re supposed to say! [Page Six]

Apparently, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are officially Greek citizens.

Legendary avant-garde fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto has died at 76. His daughter confirmed his death on Instagram.

  • Kanye West reportedly visited a hospital this weekend. [Page Six]
  • Post Malone wants to institute a World Beer Pong League, which sounds disgusting. [TMZ]
  • I’m just going to copy and paste this Daily Mail headline: “Ireland Baldwin rocks swimsuit with denim shorts… as she cheers on her boyfriend Corey Harper and their Dachshund during bodyboarding session in Malibu.” [Daily Mail]
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