New HPV Vaccine Might Help Women Who Already Have Chronic HPV


A new HPV vaccine might help women who already have the virus, according to exciting new research.

The study was small — only 18 women with cervical dysplasia, a precancerous condition of the cervix caused by HPV, were given the experimental vaccine, along with a “brief, mild electric shock,” which sounds kind of horrifying but, apparently, helped get the vaccine’s DNA into the woman’s cells. An electric shock > cancer, that’s for sure.

Findings showed that the women who received the shot produced immune cells that were able to attack HPV-infected cells.

The results are early, but suggest the vaccine could do wonders for women with chronic, precancerous HPV — great news, since current HPV vaccines are only preventative. Awesome. Let’s hope there’s more good news to come.

New vaccine could help women who already have HPV

Image via Blaj Gabriel/Shutterstock.

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