New Nearly-Nude Pics Show Weiner In Congressional Gym


Hey gals, we have more of those semi-nude Anthony Weiner self-portraits you didn’t ask for!

Rep. Weiner is taking a leave of absence to seek treatment for his love of sexting and acting like a skeeze ball, but you can’t kill a scandal about a guy with a last name that means “penis” sending pictures of said appendage that easily!

Today TMZ posted 11 previously unseen photos of Weiner in various states of undress, including a shot of him nude from head to toe except for a strategically placed towel. We’re all well acquainted with the man’s junk by now, but these pictures are notable because they appear to have been taken in the House Members Gym in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building. The images were reportedly sent to at least one woman.

TMZ says this raises the question, “did he use Congressional resources during his cyber affairs?” Sure, that thought does spring to mind, but I’m more curious about how he managed to take these shots without anyone else ambling through the locker room. Did another member of the House ever walk in on him snapping photos of himself in all his towel-clad glory? When representatives spotted him did they just shake their heads and mutter, “There goes Weiner, cupping his incredibly hairless balls again!” We taxpayers have a right to know!

Rep. Weiner Used Congressional Gym As Backdrop [TMZ]

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