NFL Star Sues For Engagement Ring He Mailed To Unreceptive Girlfriend


Maybe if you’re not absolutely sure your girlfriend wants to marry you, you shouldn’t propose to her by mailing her the ring. Sadly, Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams did not heed this advice.

According to the Odessa American (via CBS), Williams sent ex-beauty queen Brooke Daniels a Valentine’s Day package containing money, a baseball, a recorded proposal message, and the $76,000 ring. Daniels turned down the proposal, but never gave back the ring. Now Williams is suing to get the ring returned. There’s some suggestion that Daniels’s dad reported it lost, possibly as part of some sort of scam — he denies this. He says he totally has the ring and is sending it back to Williams.

Under Texas law, the ring qualifies as a conditional gift, meaning “the engagement ring [must] be returned to the donor upon termination of the engagement, if the donee is at fault in terminating the engagement.” This case seems a bit murky, though, as Daniels apparently never accepted Williams’s proposal in the first place. Unless I’m missing something, it wasn’t her fault Williams sent her the ring without asking first — is it really her responsibility to give it back?

This isn’t the only question raised by this story. I also want to know why Daniels’s dad had the ring. And why is the father of a 25-year-old woman saying of her ex-fiance, “I’ll take care of my daughter. I don’t need him.” And finally, if Williams sent a $76,000 ring through the US Mail, did he at least get it insured?

Dallas Star Wants Ring Back [Odessa American]
NFLer Proposes Through Mail, Wants Ring Returned [CBS]

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