Not Even TV Is Safe From Anne Hathaway's Clammy Embrace


Anne Hathaway has her sights set on a second Emmy*, apparently: The very talented and highly-unlikeable-for-no-apparent-reason actress will soon be infiltrating your television set to bring you an “event series” about a diplomat’s wife who’s been kidnapped in a fictional Middle Eastern country and learns many lessons in her fight back to freedom.

The show, called The Ambassador’s Wife, is based on the book of the same name by Jennifer Steil. Published last month, the book isn’t based on a true story, but Amazon touts it as being written by “a real-life ambassador’s wife” and refers to the novel as “suspenseful and moving.”

Here’s a description of the novel:

When bohemian artist Miranda falls in love with Finn, the British ambassador to an Arab country, she finds herself thrust into a life for which she has no preparation. The couple and their toddler daughter live in a stately mansion with a staff to meet their every need, but for Miranda even this luxury comes at a price: the loss of freedom. Trailed everywhere by bodyguards to protect her from the dangers of a country wracked by civil war and forced to give up work she loves, she finds her world shattered when she is taken hostage, an act of terror with wide-reaching consequences.

This is a perfect vehicle for Hathaway, who is both excellent at crying a lot in a very realistic manner and already familiar with playing a character who is ripped from the familiar trappings of everyday life and forced to travel to a fictional foreign country that no one has ever heard of. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that Julie Andrews will have a part in this series.

According to Vulture, the series doesn’t have a network attached yet, but with Hathaway’s name all over the project and the producers of Ray Donovan and Grey’s Anatomy financing it, it’s only a matter of time until every channel that wants to win an award for outstanding programming will be gunning to air this thing. And it actually sounds pretty good. As a reluctant fan of Hathaway (hated her for what she did to Ella Enchanted but literally cannot fucking wait for The Intern), I’m excited this is happening and am looking forward to watching this show with great joy in private while angrily denouncing its star in public.

*Hathaway won her first Emmy for a voiceover on The Simpsons.

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