Now There's a College Class on Miley Cyrus, Too


Well, it’s come to this: Skidmore College will be offering a course this summer on “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender, and Media.”

Great news for those of us who didn’t get into the Beyonce class at Rutgers!

BuzzFeed has the story. A student tweeted a picture of a syllabus for the course, which notes that, “Ongoing media frenzy focused on Miley Cyrus’s public image, music, and body highlights the ways in which intersectional identities are shaped by pop culture and mass media.” The tweet has since been deleted, but the course is still listed on the faculty page for visiting professor Carolyn Chernoff, whose bio provides context: “I investigate the role of culture in reproducing and transforming social inequality, and research conflict around diversity and difference.”

And God knows, there is plenty to unpack about Miley.

According to the leaked syllabus, the course will also cover “the rise of the Disney Princess,” “Gender stratification and the hyper-commodification of childhood” and “Allies and appropriation.” Honestly, it sounds more interesting than most of the “core” classes I took in college. Good luck getting school to cover tickets to the Bangerz tour, though.

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