Octuplets Mother "Obsessed With Children"


Angela Suleman, the grandmother of the Bellflower Octuplets, claims that her daughter “is not evil, but she is obsessed with children. She loves children, she is very good with children, but obviously she overdid herself.”

Family and friends are claiming that it was an overwhelming love of (and perhaps unhealthy obsession with) children, not financial or fame-seeking motives, that led the mother, Nadya Suleman, to go through with the pregnancy. Suleman admits that her daughter “wanted one more girl,” and a friend of the mother, Allison Frickert, claims that “There was no overriding situation, other than having more children to love.”

Suleman hasn’t been shy about sharing her thoughts on her daughter’s situation with the press, going so far as to admit that her daughter conceived the children through IVF and that her obsession with children started quite early: she wanted to have children in her teens, but was physically unable. Nadya, who just happens to hold a degree in child and adolescent development, used frozen embryos left over from her earlier pregnancies in order to conceive the octuplets, and according to her mother, all 14 of her children were conceived via the same sperm donor.

As for more children, it seems unlikely at this point: “She doesn’t have any more (frozen embryos), so it’s over now,” Angela Suleman says. “It has to be.”

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