Pete Davidson Has a Hickey : (

What an interesting and ultimately distressing development!

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Pete Davidson Has a Hickey : (

Here’s a new development in this “relationship” that I refuse to believe is anything other than a well-executed PR play: Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are marking their territory.

The wily spies at the Daily Mail spotted these sick freaks getting into a car after a romantic birthday celebration for Davidson at the hilariously-monikered Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi. The photos show Kim and Pete looking happy, laughing, smiling, and generally enjoying each other’s company—but a close read of these regular paparazzi shots reveals something slightly more sinister: a freakin’ hickey, displayed loud and proud on Davidson’s neck.

More so than any of the photos and gossip items placed in various tabloids by “sources,” the hickey stands as a physical embodiment of the love or at least physical attraction shared between the two. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, which encourages both gratitude and eating until you have to remove your pants, I will extend a nibble of understanding towards these two. Clearly, this relationship has some sort of legs, even if the legs are both “great publicity” and “good dick.” The former isn’t a strong foundation, but the latter, definitely is.

Additionally, consider the circumstances of Davidson’s arrival in Kim’s life: He was simply the right guy at the right time. It’s rude to Davidson to suggest that he’s a budget version of Travis Barker, but that comparison is sort of apt. Kardashian herself is a natural competitor, and Davidson as her dirtbag arm candy is an attempt to one-up her sister, but also, maybe he’s a breath of fresh air. This relationship is a rebound, of course, but there’s probably something in there for Kim, who spent the last few years enduring her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s antics both public and private, and could likely use a break. The funny young man is a great rebound, and of the shiny little apples available for the picking, you could certainly do worse than Pete Davidson.

Also a convenient side effect of this new, public love: No one’s talking about the disaster at Astroworld, because this relationship has sucked all the air out of the room. [Daily Mail]

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