Peter Farrelly's Star-Studded Movie 43 Opens Friday and Nobody in Hollywood Wants to Talk About It


Movie 43 was set to feature almost every star in Hollywood: Emma Stone, Anna Faris, Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, Halle Berry, Richard Gere, Chloë Moretz, Terrence Howard, and many more big, big names. However, the film, which is set to release this Friday, was fast-tracked to theaters with hardly any publicity, and such drama as some stars dropping out of filming and others not helping to promote it at all. Maybe they all suddenly woke up from Atkins-induced comas, discovered Peter Farrelly is the director, and decided to peace out because he’s a misogynistic dummy? Unlikely, but a girl can dream.

According to Vulture:

…Farrelly does admit George Clooney told him “no fucking way” he’d appear in it. Even South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone* couldn’t find something for themselves in the R-rated sketch-fest, dropping out along the way. Richard Gere agreed to take part, then stalled for a year. “They clearly wanted out! But we wouldn’t let them,” Farrelly says of many actors roped in via acquaintanceship. When Colin Farrell canceled his plans to play a particularly unfunny-looking role alongside Gerard Butler, he made a weak excuse. “It’s like, c’mon, Colin, you saw sense and backed out – admit it,” Farrelly says.

I can’t imagine why nobody wants to be in or promote the Farrelly Brothers (or, Peter Farrelly’s) latest garbage film? (That’s a lie.) It’s looks like the usual bullshit — little people as leprechauns, black men with big dicks, and idiot women who live to give a good blow job. #LOLOLOLOL

The Farrelly Brothers have produced some funny moments in movies like Kingpin and There’s Something About Mary, although I’m inclined to attribute almost all of that to performance. For the most part, these yahoos continue to regurgitate the same tired hatred-hidden-behind-easy-morals that Hollywood laps up as if it’s Dom Perignon from Emma Stone’s belly button.

Hall Pass which purported itself to be a love letter to male friendship and family values, was actually just about how women are boring and have gross vaginas, but sometimes men have to settle for the boring (HOT) chick with the least gross vagina. Shallow Hal, the Farrelly Brothers “valentine to fat people”*, featuring Gwyneth Paltrow in a fat suit — well, to be fair, she looked more like a skinny person wearing an inflatable sumo wrestler outfit filled with gum balls and jelly donuts, and wasn’t so much fat as she was a misshapen monster — is definitely one of the absolutely worst, most hateful movies I’ve ever forced myself to cringe through.

Farrelly movies are basically the hot chick who farts openly and proudly — a slick veneer hiding an unholy shit storm. They’re supposed to be soooooOOOOhooo taboo, they’re funny. Making fun of fat people, women, people of color, little people is hilarious — and haters are written off as politically correct snobs who can’t take a joke.

But the thing is, THEIR FILMS ARE NOT FUNNY. At best, they’re easy laughs for teenage boys, I guess. Their movies aren’t just stupid — and I say this as someone who LOVES stupid movies — they live in the subset of dumb that’s actively unfunny. The fact that this goofball can still makes movies truly baffles me and the only explanation I can think of is that teenage boys hold way more power than I’ll ever understand. Or, maybe Peter Farrelly’s tits squirt pixie dust that confuses Hollywood people and makes them momentarily into the idea that promoting insidious distaste of anyone who falls outside of the idea of attractive that Hollywood stuffs down our throats every day. Or maybe he’s still coasting off the box office success of There’s Something About Mary and stars who desperately want to be valued as comedians are hoping some of that sticky stuff rubs off on them? (Sorry.)

Or maybe I’m getting too deep with this.

Maybe it’s just that the more these actors saw the dailies and re-read the script, the more they realized the film is pretty terrible, and they don’t want to be tied to Peter Farrelly’s sinking career? Either way, I think everyone’s hoping this movie disappears into the crapper like so many Blu-ray copies of Hall Pass.

*Take it back, asshole! Don’t you know we want candy!? We’re FAT!


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