Police Find Suspected Thieves Had Written 'Shop Lift' on Their To-Do List


The holidays can be intense, so to-do lists are a good thing to keep handy in case you forget any of your tasks — even when you’re a suspected thief, apparently.

Authorities arrested a couple who were suspected of stealing packages left at the front doors of residences in California’s San Diego County. When deputies recovered the vehicle of 38-year-old Gary Withers and 19-year-old Kristina Green, they found the packages, along with meth, heroin, a loaded handgun, stolen mail (including those simultaneously beloved and annoying 20 percent off coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond) and one particularly interesting item: a to-do list that had the words “shop lift” written on it. At least you can’t say they weren’t organized.

According to ABC10 News (via Mashable), Withers and Green were caught when an Amazon truck driver had called 911 to report two people in a Dodge Charger were tailing him on his route and lifting the packages he had just delivered. On the peculiar to-do list, “Kiss mom n tell her she’s loved” was written underneath the reminder to shoplift.

Green and Withers were previously on probation for theft, drugs and weapons violations. The two now face additional charges that include mail theft, possession of methamphetamine and heroin, felony in possession of a handgun and possession of stolen property.

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Screenshot image via ABC 10 News.

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