Praise Our Most Masculine Gods, Because NBC Is Developing a Sitcom Called Manhood


As a proud man, I often crave more images of myself on television. Every time I change the channel, I’m forced to watch yet another woman shove her cultural dominance in my face. They’re crawling out of duffel bags, they’re saving the world, and—on ABC—they’re even joining the FBI!

But what about the other half? When will TV audiences get a chance to hear both sides of the story we call ‘Life’? Well, earlier today it was reported that the guys at NBC are about to give the guys of this country a long-overdue present. That’s right – they’re making a show…about us.

Writes Deadline:

Manhood looks at what it means to be a man today, when the gender lines have never been blurrier. It centers on three men who explore different sides of masculinity in a weekly men’s group meeting, where they cry, beat drums and fire-walk to find the answer.

Blurry gender lines confuse me, and learning more about masculinity excites me, so Manhood seems right up my alley. Watch out, Shonda, because here come the men!

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