Pregnant Woman Verbally Destroys Abortion Clinic Protesters 


A pregnant woman in London deployed a total and devastating verbal smackdown on a group of anti-abortion protesters filming women going into a clinic, calling them “hypocrites” and yelling at them to help children in need instead of harassing women in distress. The pregnant lady hasn’t been identified, but the video of her yelling at members of Abort67, London’s local group of bloody fetus sign-wavers, is deeply cathartic. It’s been a shitty week. Let’s take what we can get.

According to the Telegraph, the video was filmed by journalist Sunny Hundal outside a clinic in the Southwark neighborhood. There are no buffer zones outside British abortion clinics, although a new campaign, “Back Off!” seeks to establish protest-free zones outside the clinics to enable patients to come and go with some semblance of privacy. (This all sounds familiar, no?) Abort67 likes to hang out near the Southwark clinic with large full-color posters of purported dismembered fetuses, and, on this particular day, at least one guy with a camera strapped to his chest, filming the patients as they entered the front door. (They’ve previously told a Telegraph columnist their presence outside the clinic “empowers women.”)

As the video begins, several counter-protesters, the pregnant woman among them, can be heard urging the man with the camera to back off and not film the clinic entrance, as Hundal asks, incredulously, “Were you filming women going in and out of the clinic?” An Abort67 member tells him no, they’re just trying to protect themselves against false allegations of harassment.

After a few moments of fruitless discussion, the pregnant woman loses her cool, gloriously:

“You’re on the road,” she tells the Abort67 member with the camera, who sort of droops over like a shamefaced little flower as she lays into him. “I agree with what they’re saying. It’s wrong what you’re doing. You don’t know why people are doing what they’re doing, but you want to be out here judging and filming… I just heard that same woman say ‘I had an abortion.’ You’re a hypocrite, you’re a big hypocrite. You had an abortion but because you’re not happy with what you’re doing, you’re standing out here making other people feel guilty. Like I said, many people have been abused. You don’t know what their reasons for. I think this is so wrong on so many levels.”

She whirls back on the man with the chest camera: “And you’re a liar, because I heard her tell you, turn off the camera. So be honest, man! Be real with the people.” A moment later, she suggests they pop over to Kids Company, a charity literally around the corner which offers programs for vulnerable children and teens. (From the sound of it, the pregnant woman is an employee of Kids Company; she says “we” and “us” a couple times.)

Finally, she turns back to the Abort67 member (off-camera) who’d evidently said she herself had an abortion.

“For you to be standing out here and making other women feel guilty is so wrong. So fucking wrong,” she concludes, waving a hand in disgust and then storming away.

Better put some ice on those burns, Abort67. They’re pretty bad.

The publicity from the video, by the way, has helped Kids Company raise nearly £40,000 so far to host a nice Christmas dinner for some kids who really need it.

Update, December 5: A spokeswoman for Kids Company confirms that the pregnant lady does work there, but that she’s declining interview requests:

The young lady does work with Kids Company but she is about to give birth and does not want to talk to the media.
Since 1996 Kids Company has been supporting vulnerable children and young people who are trying to live with dignity in the poorest and most violent cities in the UK. We know that every child and young person is unique and their challenges and the choices they have made in order to survive deserve our compassion and respect and not our judgement. We are currently raising money to hold a Christmas day party for over 4000 vulnerable children, young people and their families so they do not have to face this day without warmth and food. If you would like to help us please donate at…

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